About us

panStamp has been designing, manufacturing, and selling low-power wireless devices for years. Our platforms are specially suited for telemetry and control projects in which things need to be measured and controlled wirelessly.

Our solution

We provide complete infrastructure solutions, combining long-range stations with low-power motes. Smart City and long-distance projects can be achieved with our low-cost devices and open source tools.

panStamps communicate over the free 868 – 900 – 915 MHz ISM bands available worldwide. A panStamp can be powered for years from simple alkaline batteries, making it perfect for wearable and size-constrained applications.

Our modules can be programmed from the Arduino IDE, a well-known open source programming environment. We also provide all the necessary libraries and communication stacks to create new wireless sensors and deploy complete wireless ecosystems very quickly.
This is by far our strongest selling point, the aspect that makes panStamp different from other providers.

Our wireless networks can also be easily connected to the Internet with our software gateways and automation application. Thus, panStamp has a strong IoT (Internet Of Things) vocation.

panStamps can communicate over kilometers and connect to IP stations (GPRS/3G, wifi, etc) in very different ways so that, every wireless endpoint can have a direct representation in the IP world. This is the real aim of the IoT movement.

Application areas

Some of the application fields in which panStamp is successfully providing solutions include the following: agriculture automation, building automation, healthcare, waste management, and energy monitoring.