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Output-board is our most complete actuation system for panStamp. This board features eight 10A relays and four 0-10V proportional outputs, making this board really suitable to control circuits, loads and lights wirelessly. Output-board works out of the box with our binouts sample application for panStamp so anyone owning this board will be able to control things without having to write a single line of code.

Figure 1 : Output-board for panStamp


  • Power supply: 12VDC.
  • Relays: 10A @ 230VAC. NO and NC contacts.
  • 0-10V outputs: low-current control signals.
  • Status LED for each relay.

Output-board with panStamp and dipole antenna
Figure 2 : Output-board with panStamp and dipole antenna

Mode of operation

From Lagarto, relays can be controlled by simply pressing ON/OFF buttons whilst proportional outputs are controllable from 0-255, corresponding to the PWM value of the 0-10V output voltage. 0-10V is a standard used to control drivers and actuators such as light dimmers, fans and HVAC systems.

Output-board : I/O diagram

Figure 3 : I/O diagram

Since panStamp is programmable from the Arduino IDE, you may want to add your logics into the actuator itself instead of relying on an external computer. This is the real power of panStamp, distributed wireless controllers capable to communicate and take decisions by themselves.

Typical applications

  • Lighting control systems
  • Building automation
  • HVAC control
  • Irrigation systems
  • Industrial automation
  • etc, ...


output-board can be purchased from our store with DIN-rail / wall-mountable enclosure as an extra option.

output-board with enclosure
Figure 4 : output-board with enclosure